The staff here is excellent.

Shardul Gaikwad

I would like to take this platform to express my thanks to all the staff in Del Mar Convalescent Hospital. Thank you all for being so helpful, caring and passionate. Thank you all for keeping this hospital so comfortable, clean and spacious. My Mom was lucky enough to be carefully taken care of in your hospital.

Lily L

Mabel, the specialist in swallow recovery, is a person who is very enthusiastic and responsible for her job. My son Gary has been hospitalized because of stroke for 32 months and he has never eaten anything. He was losing his swallowing ability gradually. Everything has changed after Mabel started helping--Gary's health is gradually recovering now and he has a great appetite! Mabel helps him very patiently and she also tells us lot of tips for caring for Gary. With the help of Mabel and my son's physician, my son is eating more and more now. To a patient, eating something is a huge progress. Gary himself is also more confident about his future. Mabel is very responsible for her duty and she takes everything very seriously. She is such a good doctor! A lot of thanks to every member of the care team at Del Mar Convalescent Hospital. You made my days bright again as well as the future!

Yijun J

My mother stayed there after she fractured her hip from a fall. Everyone one was very professional from doctors, nurses, physical therapist, and aides. It doesn't look great from the outside yet the staff are really working hard to for the patients. The staff are also multi-lingual.

Shirley L

My son has been here for one and a half month so far. Every staff here are highly responsible for their work and they are all dedicated to taking care of every patient with passion and warmth. Among them is Cao RN BSn, who designs effective treatment plan for my son and contacts professionals who really know how to give medication to patients like my son. My son was once bitten by some kind of poisonous bug and had bumps all over. Ping Wang RN applies proper ointment to my son and keeps his body clean. So far all the bumps have disappeared and he is feeling much better now. He is also more energetic, thanks to the nurse's treatment. When my family sees the progress that my son is actually making with the help of the staffs, we feel relieved. A lot of thanks to Del Mar Convalescent Hospital!

Yijun J

I visited this facility while I was helping a friend of mine to look for placement for her grandma since her folks live on the area. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. They gave us a tour of the building and she even gave us pointers and advices on what we were going to do if we plan to place our elderly loved ones from home. The person who gave us a tour spent quite a good amount of time explaining on what to do and what a family would expect in a nursing facility. I also work in a healthcare business and I know how these people work. This facility actually exceeded my expectations. No wonder this facility usually recommends by doctors and friends of ours who happened to have a loved ones who had been in a skilled nursing facility. The patients that stayed there found the place clean, friendly and homey. I would rather have my grandparents stay in a place wherein they would be cared for properly.. And this facility is highly recommended by many. The people who gives the 5 rating on every nursing facility knows what they're doing...

Je Rom R

Time is passing so fast! My brother's been here for a whole month already. The head nurse, Jie Cao, is an outstanding staff. She is especially patient, caring, and kind to every patient she takes care of. She is also really responsible for the patients. She checks the situation of each patient very carefully and applies the appropriate medicines whenever needed. Several days ago my brother's infusion tube wouldn't come off and as soon as she heard the situation, she immediately contacted the department that was in charge of this. The problem was solved very soon and my brother was happy about it! He was also grateful to the efforts she made. She is a trustworthy staff and with her guidance, the convalescent hospital is always clean! The hospital is a warm community and my brother feels like he's home. An incident that happened last Sunday could be an instance of how caring the staff are. Last Sunday night, another patient had an emergency in my brother's room and my brother's mood was negatively impacted as a result of the emergency. Carol Gao, George Wang, and Nhi Ma, who were there when the incident happened, was there all the time to take care of him and calm him down. Even though they're always really busy, they were there to support my son when crisis happened. I really appreciate their dedication!


Vo Lam

This small and homelike facility helps your loved one rehabilitated faster and with ease. Knowing that the staff and rehab team genuinely care about your loved one helps being in a nursing facility less stressful. The facility is clean with recent upgrades and the staff is always willing to stop what they're doing to answer any questions.

Diana Y

Recently I had to make one of the hardest choices a son ever had to make. My family and I had to choose a skilled nursing facility for our father who had just been suffered from acute respiratory failure. It was difficult and agonizing because we never had to do this before. The reason we chose to have my father stay at Del Mar Convalescent Hospital is because it's close to where we live. For our family we were there every day and every employees was beyond accommodating and caring to all of us. It made a truly difficult situation for us much more bearable. I was very impressed with how impeccably clean and organized the place was. The Director of Business Development was very thorough, courteous and informative. She took the time to talk to us about the admission process in great detail. You could tell that she really cares about her job and the residents. Afterward, we were introduced to the facility's Director of Nursing who also was very knowledgeable and caring. Staff were extremely friendly and accommodating with any concerns we had and went above and beyond to ensure our experience was the greatest. I was pleasantly surprised by how attentive and patient the nurses attend to the residents. More importantly, the Director of Social Services was amazingly friendly, competent, and genuinely helpful. I would like to give a huge shout out and a major KUDOS to her! She has been awesome with handling all of our needs. She went the extra mile to get it done. The facility is so lucky to have an amazing employee like her. She always been there to answer questions. I am very pleased with the care my dad received. My dad was treated with outstanding care by the nurses and CNA's. Everyone whom I met while my dad was there was courteous, concerned, and compassionate. This included the people who prepared my dad's food and people who cleaned his room. Del Mar Convalescent Hospital definitely puts the well being and comfort and safety of the residents first! I could not recommend it more! Thank you Del Mar Convalescent Hospital!

Justin N

If you're seeking a great convalescent hospital for your family, you friend, or anyone you love, Del Mar Convalescent Hospital is really the right choice! I'm over eighty this year and for the last two and a half years, my greatest worry was my son, Gary. In September 2015, he got hospitalized because of stroke. Since then, I've been constantly searching for good convalescent options. Two weeks ago, my son was transferred into Del Mar Convalescent Hospital. This is the best choice of hospital I've made! All the leaders and nurses are trying their very best to take care of the patients and the services they provide are outstanding. They are careful, dedicated, and caring. The best evidence of the high quality of their service is that my son is actually getting better every day, both physically and mentally! Once he got bacteria infection at another convalescent hospital due to poor cleaning, but this kind of things never happens here. The staff sterilize the room, equipments, and beddings thoroughly and regularly here and applies the correct medicine to him every day. My son's mental state also has improved significantly--he's now more engaged in everyday training and more optimistic about the future. Smile was rare before he came here, but now there are more smiles on his face. My family is thankful! The staff at Del Mar Convalescent Hospitall give us hope with their care. There is a bright future for Gary and for the familiy. I'd also like to thank Kim, Ping, Miriam, Janet, Joshua, Deraima, Yesenia, Florens, and Johnson for taking care of my son with their dedicated care. Without them, my son wouldn't be taken care of so well. Special thanks to Emily Chang, for gathering doctors specialized in recovery and swallowing to help Gary recover better.

Dingyou S

I'm a resident in San Gabriel and Del Mar Convalescent really provides the best care without long distance! My son got stroke two and a half years ago and during the two and a half years, I was constantly searching for good convalescent hospital. He's been to several other convalescent hospitals before, but they are either too far from home or don't have great environment. We were thinking about switching to another convalescent hospital and searching for great alternatives online, and Del Mar Convalescent Hospital came up. I contacted staff at the hospital both on phone and in person before I decided to let him come here. Their warm attitude told me that it is a legit and right choice. After my son was transferred to this hospital, it's a lot easier for me to come over and take care of him. The staffs are taking great care of him and they also provide Mandarin support a lot. Environment is also great. It's always clean! It's a relatively small convalescent hospital and people inside are also friendly. There are often activities for the little community, which makes living there even warmer and more engaging. I'm pretty aged and the previous convalescent hospital was in Montebello with a distance of 10+ mi. It's been worrisome that my son is sick and needs to be hospitalized, but finding a legit and reliable hospital for him is really making things much better. If you're seeking a convalescent hospital for your loved one, Del Mar convalescent hospital is a choice that you will not regret.

Yijun J

Friendly Staff and Facility is Clean.


Did this provider pressure you to purchase any unnecessary products during your visit? Absolutely not! I was never uncomfortable Did this provider's staff seem to respect him/her? Definitely! They staff spoke very highly of him/her Does this provider give unbiased advice? Absolutely! I always get sound, helpful, and completely unbiased advice!


My mother stayed for 6 weeks and the staff was very friendly and caring even though my mother can be difficult at times. My mother even made some friends during her stay. Thank you Del Mar Convalescent for taking good care of my mother.

Jaja H

My uncle has been here for a few days so far and it's been all great. We've been seeking for a hospital to let him recover from stroke and��_My uncle has been here for a few days so far and it's been all great. We've been seeking for a hospital to let him recover from stroke and after going to a few terrible ones, we came to this one. Compared to other hospitals he has stayed, this one is the cleanest overall and there is a lot of support from the caring staff. For those who do not speak fluent English, there is Chinese help as well and it is a bonus!

TianYi S

When our mother was transferred to Del Mar, we were concerned about the level of care that she would receive in a convalescent hospital setting. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The facility is clean and organized. The staff makes every effort to address the concerns and needs of their patients. Our questions are answered right away when we call in to the facility. We are especially grateful for staff member Somony Voeun who is very instrumental in making sure that patient care is first priority. It is reassuring to us that our mother is in capable and attentive care. We recommend Del Mar to anyone who is in need of a facility that will take good care of their loved one.

Zepeda F

I would like to take a moment to to say that the staff in this place is amazing , caring and does a very good job! please continue to serve your patients with care and concern! Thank you and Good job!

Katrina R

I had to visit this facility recently due to the fact I work with a number of physicians that have patients there and must say I was impressed. The friendliness of the staff was nice and the building was well kept. It's not a big facility which makes it feel more intimate. You can tell that everyone there takes pride in their building and job. My physicians have nothing but positive things to say about this facility.

Bret P

Recently my mom gotten ill and we need a facility that would take care of her and help her rehabilitate so that she can walk again. I called Del Mar convalescent hospital and spoke to Somony Voeun. Ms. Voeun was very professional and answered my questions and concerns. It was a smooth transition for my mother from the hospital to Del Mar convalescent hospital. Thank you!

Clyde S

I've recently visited this nursing home and feel moved to write a review based on the cleanliness, overall friendliness of the staff and the great care I observed. The parking is safe and plentiful and the facility is decorated nicely. I actually didn't feel like I was at a nursing center. The residents were happy and were engaged in their activities. They have a Chinese program for their residents. I visit a lot of nursing centers for my business and this one really stands out. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for great care for a loved one.

Toni C

Great five star facility! Was listed in US World News as one of the Top Nursing Homes in the United States two years in a row! 59 bed facility where we treat our residents like family. We want to make sure your loved one receives the best care and customer service during their stay. We provide skilled nursing services (IV antibiotics, IV hydration, tube feeding, wound care, etc) and rehabilitation (physical, occupational, and speech therapies). Come by for a tour!

Channon B

Great f

Channon B

I visited one of their patients; the patient was so happy with all the nursing and therapy services especially because the facility was so close to her home. The facility has been updated beautifully and feels very home-like and cozy. The staff was also so welcoming and helpful. Additionally, I really like how large the rehab gym is and how knowledgeable their therapists are!

Jen Q

The staff are compassionate, professional, and easy to work with overall. They are readily to assist with any concerns to ensure your loved one's transition to recovery and stability as smooth as possible. Or, if you're just browsing, the admissions staff are communicative and helpful to access the information you need to get the best care for your family member. They show passion in their quality of communication, patient care, and maintenence of their beautiful home-feel facility. Should one ever require a skilled need, PT/OT, or what have you, this would be one of the top quality places to consider. Luckily our grandparent was cleared to be discharged home with us, but in visiting this facility, I'd highly recommend it in your list. Thank you Ms. Voeun!

Janine C

My uncle has been here for a few days so far and it's been all great. We've been seeking for a hospital to let him recover from stroke and after going to a few terrible ones, we came to this one. Compared to other hospitals he has stayed, this one is the cleanest overall and there is a lot of support from the caring staff. For those who do not speak fluent English, there is Chinese help as well and it is a bonus!

TianYi S

My grandmother was recently admitted to a hospital for a fall and internal bleeding of the head . She was transfer to Del Mar Convalescence Hospital. On the day of the transfer I had to go on a trip. My parent were there for the transfer and they didn't speak any English but thanks to the social worker Emily for helping my parent and grandmother out in translating and going through all paper work and procedures that had to be done. All the staff was really wonderful and really welcoming. They treated my grandmother like family. The CNA were really helpful and loving. They helped her when ever my grandma pressed the call light and responded pretty quickly. The RN and LVN gave her her Medicine on time. She enjoyed the Activities they had there like group exercise, bingo, mahjong, coffee social and chatting with other elders. Kitchen did a wonderful job in giving her what she need to eat and if she didn't like some certain type of food, they would give her another choice for substitute. And lastly therapy was amazing with her. They made exercise fun and interesting. They helped her at her pace that she's at and helped her gain her strength back.

Janie Y